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Ultra LX - Long legged, versatile performer receives additional touring comfort

Put commanding acceleration, long-distance comfort and serene stability in the same sentence and that can only mean the Kawasaki JET SKI® Ultra® LX sport-touring personal watercraft. Loaded with race technology, Ultra LX is the model that sets the standard for effortless family fun. The addition of a new luxury touring seat that incorporates specific support areas for the rider and passenger, allows the Ultra LX to offer a more comfortable and relaxing ride.

It’s the hull – the same deep V-hull found in Kawasaki’s Ultra 260LX flagship – that gives the JET SKI Ultra LX confidence-inspiring high-speed stability and excellent rough-water ride manners. The responsive turning and neutral handling hull and its deep 22.5° V-angle slices easily through swells and waves and fluently carves banked turns without imposing high-g loads. This watercraft dexterity reduces rider fatigue and makes for a confidence-inspiring ride even when the conditions are challenging.

However, it’s not just handling that give the Ultra LX its charm. The 1,498cc DOHC in-line four cylinder engine is the other major element of the performance formula. The race-developed propulsion unit – also used on the Ultra 260X – features a large-diameter 155mm jet pump combined with an oversize impeller and jet nozzle that converts the engine’s power into 955 pounds of thrust. Its stunning, smooth acceleration and power translate into enough speed to satisfy even the most demanding sport riders.

Luxurious rider and refined passenger accommodations polish off the Ultra LX’s sporty abilities. With its specially designed supportive seat and smart five-way adjustable steering handle, the Ultra LX suits a variety of rider sizes and styles from a hard charging standing to a leisurely sitting position.
While riders are enjoying the all-day comfort of the Ultra LX, they can do so with the peace of mind that they have brought everything with them in the industry leading 53 gallons of built-in storage space, or in the detachable storage compartment that can hold even more. Plus the fun can keep going on longer, thanks to its largest in class  20.6 gallon fuel tank, which gives the Ultra LX the longest cruising ranges of any PWC in its class.



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